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Saturday, February 24th, 2024, 9 to Noon

Watercolor Brush Lettering

1803 W University, Wichita KS 67213

Art space at Hull House, Studium at Northfield School

(Housed in a beautiful Victorian house, just up the street from Friends University!)


***CHOOSE LOCAL PICKUP for shipping and you will NOT be charged a shipping fee! ALL supplies will be waiting at the workshop: there is nothing to pick up beforehand!***


Learn the beautiful art of watercolor brush lettering in this workshop! Upstroke and downstroke techniques will be taught, and students will be introduced to a simple lettering alphabet suitable for this more flowing style of lettering. Students will be working with a waterbrush and a watercolor palette.


This course allows students to learn to SCALE UP their lettering! Nibs and brush markers are limiting in size allowance. But by sizing UP your brush, you can letter larger pieces!


Students will take home two of their own watercolor sayings, one smaller sized, and one larger, along with being able to keep the waterbrush and palette. A handbook with instructions will also be included. This is an introductory course, so no experience is required! 3 hour workshop.

February 24, 2024 - Watercolor Brush Lettering

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