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1. Your in person workshops usually come with a starter kit. Do I still get supplies with these workshops?

    Yes!! All workshops come with a PDF packet you print at home.


    Intro to Modern Calligraphy comes with one full jar of Higgins Eternal Black ink, two different nibs and one holder.

    Watercolor Brush Lettering comes with an Aquash waterbrush and a watercolor palette.

    Brush Marker Lettering comes with a Fudenosuke hard tip brush pen, and 2 Tombow Dual Tip Brush markers.

    Holiday Envelopes comes with a sampler packet of various envelopes.

     The only exception is Crayol-igraphy. You will need to purchase one pack of regular Crayola markers (any color      scheme.) Thin tips will not work, so please purchase the regular kind!

2. Do I have to pay for shipping with these workshops?

    You have 3 options! The first two are FREE! You can choose LOCAL PICK UP and do porch pick up from me (address emailed upon order receipt - near St. Francis hospital in Wichita) or THE COTTAGE MARKET PICKUP (Valley Center.) Deliveries are made to The Cottage Market on Thursdays. (Store hours are Friday and Saturday.) 

    If you are not local or need your supplies shipped for any reason, choose WORKSHOP SUPPLIES SHIPPING and I will mail them to you for a flat-rate of $6. (Due to COVID shipping times, I will mail them the quickest way possible and provide a tracking number for your order.)

3.  How are these different from in-person workshops?

     They are the same! Still hands-on, still a great introduction to the art of lettering!

4.  Do you limit the number in the class?

     Yes! Workshops will never have more than 15 people so you will get help during class if needed!

5. Are these pre-recorded or live?

    Workshops are conducted in REAL TIME and live! We will meet over ZOOM, so you'll see my smiling face and those of the other workshop participants!

6.  I see that Intro to Modern Calligraphy is in 2 sessions. How does that work?

    We will meet for two, 2 hour sessions on two successive weeks. This is a full hour longer than our in person class, so you'll be getting 4 hours of instruction! In between classes, you will receive a homework assignment. You will complete it, return it to me, I will give you any helpful suggestions or guidance, and then we will meet the next week! I'm excited about this format as it will allow the classes to build upon each other!

7.  What will I learn in each workshop?


    You can go HERE for workshop descriptions!

8. How do I sign up?

    You can go HERE for ticket information!

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