Introduction to Modern Calligraphy (Beginner Level)

Learn modern calligraphy in this introductory class! This class is suitable for beginners (no experience necessary), but also for those who have been practicing on their own and would like to learn proper technique. In this class, we will cover the basics of using a dip pen, nibs and ink, basic upstrokes and downstrokes, the lowercase and uppercase alphabet, and the basics of combining letters into words. A simple modern alphabet will be used. You will learn HOW to write letters, not simply copy them, so that you can practice at home with confidence. You will receive a starter kit which includes a dip pen, two different nibs, a small pot of ink and a workbook. 3 hour workshop.

Introduction to Modern Calligraphy (Level 2)

Students will build on the foundation of calligraphy that was taught in the Introduction class. Students will learn to create their own modern calligraphy style, with an emphasis on organic and bounce lettering styles.  Students will also learn about the technique of flourishing, setting up lettering layouts and writing with different colors of ink.  Small pots of white, gold, blue and black ink will be provided in a special ink holder, along with cardstock to practice on. Students will also be given a Level 2 handbook. **Students should bring their own nib holder and favorite nib.** Level 1 is not required as a prerequisite, but students should be comfortable with and have practiced calligraphy in the past. 3 hour workshop.

Watercolor Brush Lettering (Beginner Level)

Learn the beautiful art of watercolor brush lettering in this workshop! Upstroke and downstroke techniques will be taught, and students will be introduced to a simple lettering alphabet suitable for this more flowing style of lettering. Students will be working with a waterbrush and a watercolor palette. By the end of this workshop, students will take home their own watercolor saying, along with being able to keep the waterbrush and palette. A handbook with instructions will also be included. This is an introductory course, so no experience is required! 3 hour workshop.

Brush Marker Lettering (Beginner Level)

Learn how to use brush markers to letter in this introductory class! This is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world right now, and this class will introduce you to all you need to know to successfully learn to letter. Using two different types of brush markers--the Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip and the Tombow dual tip brush marker--students will learn how to use different pressures to control the markers. Upstrokes and downstrokes will be emphasized with directions on how to form each letter. Students will also learn to connect letters into words with practice time included on adding simple variations and blending to their letters. Students will go home with a lettered quote of their choosing, using techniques taught in class. Students will receive 3 brush markers and a workbook to keep. 3 hour workshop.

Crayol-igraphy (MINI Workshop)

In this workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of doing lettering and calligraphy using everyday markers! You will learn to use pressure to create beautiful letters without any special lettering markers needed! We will work with two simple lettering alphabets, practicing our upstrokes and downstrokes, as well as letter connections and word spacing. You'll go home with several lettered quotes, as well as a handbook to practice with, and the markers you used in class. 2 hour workshop.

Holiday Envelope Addressing  (MINI Workshop)

Join us for a fun time of creative holiday envelope addressing! In this mini workshop, you will learn techniques for addressing your own creative holiday themed envelopes! Topics covered will include: creative spacing, style mixing, basics of faux calligraphy using pens on dark paper, creative elements to add for decoration and more! 


** IMPORTANT! ** BRING YOUR OWN PENS/NIBS/INK! Because this is a MINI workshop, we are providing envelopes to practice on and style worksheets. However, we are providing a pen kit as an add-on if you would like! It will be waiting for you at the workshop if you want to purchase it! You may also bring your own envelopes you are planning to send for the holidays and begin working on them as well! 2 hour workshop.


ADD - ON PEN KIT: PLEASE PURCHASE SEPARATELY. Includes 1 white Uniball Signo Gel pen, 1 gold Uniball Signo Gel pen, 2 Tombow black calligraphy pens (1 hard tip, 1 soft tip)