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Galaxy Lettering Envelope Tutorial

Hi friends!

We have a fun envelope tutorial for today! My kids and I loved watching the live landing of the Mars Rover Perseverance. What an amazing thing to see! So in honor of that landing, here's some galaxy lettering!

Supplies I used:

White envelope



Crayola markers (or brush lettering markers such as Tombows)

White gel pen (or white paint with small brush OR white opaque paint pen)

I made a video to show you step by step! Watch it below!

Here's the steps in order:

  1. Using a ruler, mark your lines on your envelope. I am using a standard A7 envelope that fits a 5 x 7 card. This means that the envelope is 5.25 by 7.25 inches. Please note that if you are using a different sized envelope (which is fine,) you'll need to adjust these lines to fit your envelope.

For the first name line (in this example NEIL), I drew a top guideline and a bottom guideline, about 1.75 inches apart. The reason we mark a top and a bottom, is that it is really hard to keep your letters the same size when doing block lettering. A top and bottom guideline helps with that A LOT! After you draw that first set of lines, then draw three more lines, a little over half an inch apart. To be honest, I've drawn lines on envelopes so much, I just eyeball the spacing. You just want them to be equally spaced apart.

2. Pencil in your block letters. Because Neil has 4 letters, I lightly drew in four equally spaced boxes across the top space. Then, inside each block, I drew in my block letters. (The video explains this part!) Erase any stray lines around the letters.

3. Galaxy Letter time! I used black, purple, pink and blue to make these galaxy letters. Start with the black, and trace the tops of each of your block letters, then fill in the tops of each letter, about 1/3 of the way down. Then, color a line with your purple marker, making sure to blend the black into the purple. Follow with a thin line of pink, then finish the bottom of the letters with blue. Make sure you trace the bottom of each letter with the blue marker.

Next, use your white gel pen or small brush and paint to draw some dots to represent the stars in the sky. I drew dots in each of the colors except the blue. You'll see in the L above, that I drew a crescent moon, and a little tiny Saturn in the I. Be creative!

Use your black marker to carefully trace around each letter to make the lines crisp and clear.

Last step (optional), use your white gel pen to draw a thin line on the inside of each letter to really set it off.

4. On the next line, write the last name for your envelope in cursive, alternating colors. Remember if you've taken a lettering class from me, you'll want to bring the last stroke of each letter up to *almost* the midline before changing colors. This helps to make each letter flow into the next. Watch the video to see this!

5. On the last two lines, use all block letters to write the address on line 3 and the city, state and zip code on line 4.

6. And there you go! Great job making a Galaxy Letter themed envelope! Write a note, stick a stamp on it, and go mail that gorgeous envelope to make someone's day happy!!!

Galaxy themed envelope with Neil on the first line in block letters, Armstrong in colorful cursive on the next line, 300 Nasa Street on the 3rd line and Houston, Texas and the zip code on the 4th line.
Neil Armstrong Galaxy Themed envelope


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