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Tropical Leaves Envelope Tutorial

Hi friends! I'm excited to share this tropical leaves envelope with you today! Drawing leaves and flowers is one of my favorite things to do, so this envelope was just pure joy for me! I hope you love it too and if you make and send one, I'd love to see it!

Let's get going!

Materials needed:

1 white 5 x 7 envelope


Ruler or straight edge


I used: Tombow Dual Tip - 173, 947, 743, 245, 133

(also used but not pictured- N75)

Michaels' Artist's Loft - Sage

Now we need to draw the rectangle we will be adding our tropical leaves around! Follow the guidelines below: top margin is 2 inches, right margin is 1 inch, bottom margin is 1/2 inch and side margin is 2 inches. Remember that I am using a 5 x 7 sized envelope. If you are using a smaller or larger envelope, you may need to scale the rectangle so it fits better.

Now we will start sketching. Here's some options to get you started!

How I find it easiest is to draw one large leaf on each side (except the bottom margin.) This gives you a visual to start and then you can fill in around the large leaves.

Then just keep going, adding different leaves and layering them. If you finish a section and something doesn't look just right, erase and add in something different! The beauty of this style of envelope is that is is whimsical and not perfect. Allow yourself some grace (all you perfectionist friends of mine!)